Bridgewater man kidnapped by gun-wielding robbers, beaten, robbed

BRIDGEWATER, MASS. (WHDH) - Police are searching for three armed men who allegedly kidnapped, beat and robbed a man.

Police said the suspects broke into an apartment on Spring Street in Bridgewater, blindfolded a man inside and forced him to leave at gunpoint. They then allegedly drove him to several ATMs and forced him to withdraw money from his account.

The man was then reportedly pistol-whipped with a gun and dropped off at the Seasons convenience store in Randolph on North Main Street. Witnesses said he was covered in blood. The man was taken to Brockton Hospital with serious injuries but is expected to be OK.

One roommate of the man who was kidnapped said four people live in their apartment. “There’s four of us in the house and nobody heard anything. I don’t know if he went to the door or they came into the house because we’d think three people would hear them coming in the house.”

The kidnapped man did not want to be identified, but said he is shaken up.

“What does he have that someone would target him like that? Because obviously they targeted him,” the roommate said. “They didn’t come in [and] rummage anybody else, wake anybody else up in the house.”

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