3 Brockton students sickened after ingesting liquid nicotine

Three Brockton students were taken to the hospital Tuesday after ingesting liquid nicotine used in a vapor cigarette. 

According to a statement released by Brockton School Superintendent Kathleen Smith, a student at the Davis Community K-8 School brought a liquid nicotine cartridge used in e-cigarettes on the school bus Tuesday morning and shared a few drops with two other students. 

Brockton Police said the 11-year-old girl found the liquid nicotine at home. She thought it was candy and shared it with two other girls, ages 10 and 11, on the bus. When they got to school, all three girls felt sick and went to the nurse. 

The students’ parents brought them to Brockton Hospital as a precaution, Smith said. The girls are expected to be OK. The substance was turned over to medical personnel and Smith said there was no danger to any other students. 

"We caution parents to be vigilant and securely store away all substances in the home that could be dangerous and easily accessed by children, as we all also continue to educate children about the importance of health and well-being," Smith said in the statement. 

A voice message was sent out to parents describing a "medical emergency." One mother was upset because she said the message was vague. 

"I had a heart attack driving over here. It’s scary because I feel like the message should have been a little clearer" Genevieve Coughlin said. "My daughter goes here, I had no idea."

Police said they will have to file a report with the Department of Children and Families, but they do not believe there was any wrongdoing involved. 

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