BOSTON (WHDH) - They’re quick, and they’re tiny and might be missed if they weren’t caught on camera: mice have been seen scurrying through Logan Airport. 

“Repeatedly, I kept seeing mice. And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh,'” Chantal said. 

Chantal videotaped four of them darting across the floor while she waited for her flight in Terminal C last month. 

“This really surprised me. I was just worried that it was going to end up in someone’s bag,” Chantal said. 

Chantal says nearly as surprising as seeing the mice is what happened when she reported the critters to airport workers. 

“They’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, they’re always here. It’s normal.’ It’s just like, ‘What? That’s so weird,'” Chantal said. 

Passengers have been posting their rodent sightings on social media. 

One mouse is trying to grab a cup. 

Another mouse races across the floor to munch on some food.

Surprised travelers are also taking to Twitter, posting: 

“Sitting at Boston airport, and a mouse just scurried up to my bag.”

“Just had a mouse run between my legs at the Boston airport.”

“I think it’s concerning for sure,” said Marc Potzler, a pest control expert and board-certified entomologist with Ehrlich Pest Control.

Pest control experts say mice spread disease and could cause dangerous situations.

“If a rodent were inside a wall and found an electrical wire to chew on, they can knock out a security system, knock out the electronics in the building, or potentially start a fire, all of which are very, very severe conditions in an airport setting,” Marc said. 

Massport runs the airport and tells 7 Investigates it’s gotten 76 separate complaints about mice at Logan in the last three years.

The agency says it “takes any and all complaints we receive seriously” and blames ongoing construction in Terminal C and the cold weather for driving the mice inside.  

The agency adds that “Indoor sightings of mice are not unique to Logan Airport.” 

But Chantal says she’s a frequent flyer and the mice sightings were definitely unique for her.

“I have never seen mice or anything like that in an airport before,” Chantal said. 

Massport says as soon as we told them about the mice Chantal saw, they called their pest control contractor, who is at the airport four days a week and on-call 24/7.  

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