7 Lynn police officers on leave amid allegations of inappropriate conduct

LYNN, MASS. (WHDH) - Seven Lynn police officers have been placed on leave pending the results of an investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct.

The Lynn Police Department Professional Standards Division is conducting the investigation into the use of racist language by two officers in a private text conversation and allegations of drug use.

“As we reviewed the information, we noted that two of the officers and what they thought was a private conversation at the time had used racially inflammatory language to each other,” said Deputy Police Chief Lenny Desmarais.

These recent discoveries are the result of an unrelated investigation by the Essex County District Attorney that began in December of 2020.

That is when the DA’s office says a Lynn police officer was charged with assault and battery on a pregnant victim, domestic assault and battery, and making threats.

After an investigation into the matter, the DA determined there wasn’t enough evidence to take the case to court and it was dropped.

But, the DA uncovered other issues relating to some officer’s drug use off-duty and alerted the department.

“We reviewed the information and immediately placed those officers on administrative leave,” Desmarais said.

The deputy chief said the situation only hurts the relationship between officers and their community.

“I think the department as a whole works very hard to have a great relationship with the community at all levels. When something like this comes out, it sets you back,” he said.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office has been in touch with the department as Lynn police conduct their investigation.

No additional information was immediately available.

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