7Investigates: Lynn parents say their neighborhood is a high-speed hazard

LYNN, MASS. (WHDH) - Neighbors living on Prescott Road in Lynn, say cars are racing through their North Shore neighborhood.

They say they want the city to take more action, to protect their children.

“It was one of the worst days of our life, if not the worst day,” says Peter Kolokithas.

Peter, and his wife, Georgia, are talking about the day last August, their 7-year-old son Johnny was hit by a car.

“Fortunately he bounced off like a superhero and he’s doing really really well. You can see a small little mark still left behind on his forehead,” says Peter.

Johnny survived, but his parents and neighbors say it’s only a matter of time before someone else gets hurt on their street.

“I always get worried with him being in our front yard and just playing, it’s very very scary,” says Johnny’s mom, Georgia.

Those living on Prescott Road in Lynn, say that’s because they see too many speeders, especially when the weather warms up.

“The safety of the street, it’s gotten really out of hand, really out of control,” says Anthony Centola, who also lives on Prescott.

Centola tells his two young children to stay away from the road.

“We have a rule, don’t walk on the sidewalk, walk on the lawn, because you never know,” says Anthony.

Prescott Road is a one way street off Lynn Shore Drive, right next to the beach and park.

“This is the cut through to the main part of Lynn, so people just fly up the street as fast as they can,” says Anthony.

Neighbors tell 7 News, they have been asking the city to help for months.

“It’s the whole neighborhood looking for it,” says Peter.

Around September, the city did put up a new sign, warning drivers about children playing on the street, but neighbors say it didn’t stop the speeders.

“Right now, the leaves are down. Earlier, when the leaves are up, it’s actually covered,” says Peter.

Then police put up an electronic speed limit trailer.

“For the 10 days it was up, it was very very effective,” says Anthony. “It was almost instant positive results,” adds Peter.

So they were shocked when after two weeks, it was gone.

“They took it away and kind of all hell broke loose,” says Anthony.

Lynn Police say they took the sign away after recording traffic for one week in November.

“We found in that area of Prescott Road that there was really not a large amount of speeding,” says Lieutenant Michael Kmiec.

There are only two electronic speed trailers in Lynn, and police say they need to put them in the areas with the most speeders.

“Money,” says Lt. Kmiec. “Anything like that costs money.”

Police did promise to come back in the summer to reassess.

“We can certainly deploy any resources we have down there, the traffic unit, any patrol officers, and again we can bring the speed trailer back there or any devices we have,” says Lt. Kmiec.

Anthony and Peter say it’s time for the city to step up.

“The sign worked, so it’s something is not broke, don’t fix it,” says Anthony.

We asked the City of Lynn’s Department of Public Works if they have discussed using speed bumps or painting the words SLOW DOWN on the road.

They didn’t answer those questions, despite multiple emails.

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