7News/UMass Lowell poll shows Trump and Clinton in dead heat

LOWELL, MASS. (WHDH) - In New Hampshire, Donald Trump is coming on. While Hillary Clinton is holding on in a race that couldn’t be closer. In our exclusive 7News/UMass Lowell poll, they’re tied!

Trump and Clinton both are at 44 percent among likely voters. Gary Johnson gets five percent and Jill Stein two percent.

But compared to our poll last month, Trump is up five points and Clinton down one.

“The race is tied,” said Dr. Joshua Dyck, UMass Lowell pollster. “He’s improved his favorability ratings, and his supporters are actually starting to believe that he can win.”

Trump is making big gains with men. He’s now beating Clinton by 19 points among men, an increase of 10 points since our last poll.

Among women, Clinton has a 16 point edge, but that’s down three points since last month.

“Everyone expected the gender gap to be a story about women,” said Dr. Dyck. “But the gender gap among women in New Hampshire is pretty typical. Where Trump has gained is among men. He’s doubled his lead there and that’s really the story.”

What’s driving Trump’s momentum is the FBI’s new investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“The FBI investigation story isn’t really having impact among Democrats. Where it is affecting it is among Republicans–those who may have voted for Gary Johnson or who weren’t going to vote–they’re now supporting Trump,” said Dr. Dyck.

The New Hampshire U.S. Senate race is almost as close as the race for the White House. Right now, Gov. Maggie Hassan, at 47 percent, is one point up on Sen. Kelly Ayotte, at 46 percent. Hassan has gained three points, and Ayotte has lost one since our last poll.

“The senate race was competitive and it still is competitive. In contrast to the presidential race, you have two well-liked candidates who going to fight it out to the end,” said Dr. Dyck.

Now you know why Clinton and Trump are spending so much time in New Hampshire and why Ayotte and Hassan are running so many TV ads.

Next Tuesday, the Granite State will go Red or Blue, but–with just days to go–color New Hampshire undecided.

For the full results of the 7News/UMass Lowell poll, click here.

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