CHARLESTON, S.C. (WHDH) — Riley Gracely and his family visit Palmetto Fossil Excursions in Charleston, S.C. often, even finding some impressive artifacts on occasion. This summer, Riley dreamed of getting his own big discovery — and he did.

“I just looked on top, and it was just laying down,” said Gracely, 8, of Pennsylvania, describing his discovery of a fossilized shark tooth in a pile of dirt.

“As soon as I see it — and I really like — I’m like, ‘I’m going to wait until everybody comes around.’ I just pick it up and walk away with it,” he said.

Once Gracely’s family did come around, he immediately revealed the tooth, which measures more than four inches long.

The tooth was identified as belonging to an Angus Titan shark. Experts say the tooth is likely worth a couple of thousand dollars, and it’s being called the find of a lifetime.

But Gracely says he’s still not done digging: “I want to go back to find more big teeth, so I can add them to my collection.”

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