AUBURN, Mass. (WHDH) — The calls for help came in fast.

“911 this call is recorded. What is your emergency?” said the operator.

The caller responded, “Yes, emergency Swanson road at Homestead. A bus just hit a house at the corner of Homestead.”

An out of control bus veered off Swanson Road and slammed right into Laura Erickson’s home. She was in the shower when it happened.

“I just remember waking up on the floor of the tub with debris all over me, the toilet, screaming at the top of my lungs for the kids,” said Erickson.

14-year-old Austin Erickson was in the kitchen, right where the bus knocked the home seven feet off its foundation.

“The fridge fell right on me. I had to push it away then ran to my brother,” he said.

His brother Tyler couldn’t believe what had happened.

“The house shaking and then I thought it was a hurricane. Something fell and hit my head and I get up and see Cayden on the floor, I pull him up, I see a bus through the house. It was crazy,” he said.

Police said for some reason the drive of the bus lost control. He remains in the hospital with serious injuries. His one passenger was treated for cuts to their face.

Investigators will be checking to see if a medical issue or something else led to the crash. They’ll be analyzing the bus’s black box tomorrow to see the exact speed the bus was traveling and to determine if the brakes were ever applied. Police will also be looking at the driver’s cell phone records to make sure he wasn’t texting.

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