A New Hampshire boy is back on his feet after his mother fought for him to have surgery for a rare skull condition.

Branson Figeuroa recently had surgery for craniosynostosis, a rare condition where the bones in a baby’s skull join together too early on.

His mother became worried Brandon might have an issue with his skull when she was cutting his hair.

“We actually didn’t know he was born with it or anything,” said Heather Figueroa. “I cut him and his older brother’s hair and I noticed that he had frontal bossing and these odd little bumps on the sides above his ears, and you know as a mom you notice everything about your children.”

Figueroa said multiple doctors told her Branson was healthy, but she felt like she couldn’t give up. Finally, she got a diagnosis of the problem.

“They came out and told me that there were spots in his head where his skull was thinned and which means pressure, and also spots where his actual brain was imprinted on his skull,” Figueroa said.

After a nearly seven-hour surgery, Figueroa said her son is well on his way to feeling better again.

“To watch him two days post-op get out of bed with the biggest smile, not being able to see and knowing that he could walk, you know it’s something I really can’t explain,” she said. “It was a pretty monumental moment. As a mom, I’ll never forget.”

Figueroa said she hopes by sharing her story, she can help others dealing with similar conditions.

“I just thought how much it meant to us and who knows? Someone that might be going through the surgery tomorrow that is so scared, they can see this and realize ‘You know what? Everything is OK,'” she said.

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