The MBTA says the Amtrak signal problem has been fixed, and things are back on schedule for the Commuter Rail.

This came after Commuter Rail passengers were told to expect delays on Friday morning as crews worked to repair an Amtrak signal at South Station. 

Commuter Rail trains were unable to access South Station on Thursday and some of Friday due to Thursday’s Amtrak signal malfunction, according to MassDOT. 

"The actual root cause appears to have been a software problem, where they lost the program that controls the movement of the switches" MBTA General Manager Frank DePaola said. 

According to DePaola, personnel from the Amtrak Headquarters in Washington D.C. had to travel to Boston to reprogram the units overnight. 

Transportation officials said commuters should expect delays in the morning Friday, and allow for extra time to reach their destinations. Commuter Rail riders were able to make free transfers to subway trains. 

Commuter Rail trains will run their regular schedules.

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