Arlington Police warn residents after coyote attacks, kills dog

ARLINGTON, MA (WHDH) - Police in Arlington are telling residents to be on the lookout after a coyote attacked a dog in the area.

Officials say they received a report that a coyote had attacked a dog at 7 a.m. in the resident’s backyard. The dog, a West Highland Terrier, was killed. The family lives in the area of Menotomy Rock Park. Officials say the wooded area is known to have coyotes.

Animal Control Officer Kathryn Kozikowski says that, because of last year’s mild winter, there has been an increase in some wildlife, which in turn has led to a greater supply of food for coyotes. She says this is one reason why residents have seen more of the animals in more populated areas of town.

Though coyotes generally hunt during low-light hours of sunrise and sunset, it is not uncommon to see them during daylight hours.

“There will always be coyotes in Arlington,” Kozikowski said. “The best ways that we can prevent further interactions with coyotes is to make our homes less of an attraction for them.”

Kozikowski says people should be on the lookout with pets while outdoors, don’t approach or try to feed wildlife, keep pets on a leash at all times, especially with small cats and dogs, secure your garbage, and don’t hesitate to scare animals with loud noises, bright lights, or water sprayed from a hose.


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