Artist draws Mexico City skyline from memory

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (AP) —  A British artist is completing a large scale drawing of the Mexico City skyline at a bank in that city.

It is a panoramic drawing created entirely from memory.

Stephen Wiltshire began creating the cityscape on October 24th.

Wiltshire was diagnosed as autistic at age three and did not speak until age five.

Now, as an adult, he sells his art for thousands of dollars.

He draws cities after taking a helicopter ride that lasts only minutes.

Wiltshire’s gift was discovered during a difficult childhood.

He could not relate to the world, but drawing made him calm.

“I think I dreamed about cities sometimes,” Wiltshire said. “i memorized from a helicopter ride and doing panorama and cities, like then to be drawing and thinking about the cities and landmarks, buildings from doing my drawing.”

Wiltshire says he remembers all the small details he incorporates into his work.

This week, Wiltshire also hosted an exhibition of his drawings from Paris, London and Florence among other cities.

He was named a member of the Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles in 2006 for services to the art world.

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