ASHBY, Mass. (WHDH) — An Ashby firefighter was disciplined recently after she made a comment and hand gesture that scared students during a lockdown drill.

The firefighter was not named, but the incident reportedly happened in September when there was a drill involving the kindergarten students in Ashby.

The firefighter’s actions reportedly scared students in that class.

“[My son] was not affected; he just told me that somebody, not an adult one of the kids, was afraid,” Michelle Aster said.

The fire chief said the firefighter apologized to school officials and has been disciplined with a letter in her file.

“It wasn’t satisfactory to me, I wish I did have more information,” Aster said.

The incident was minor, according to town officials, and handed as a private matter. The fire chief and town manager said they consider the incident a closed matter.

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