Authorities investigating after several trash fires in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - Authorities are investigating after several trash fires were reported Wednesday in Myles Standish State Forest in Plymouth.

There were six trash fires, one fire in a portable toilet, and one seasonal cottage burned to the ground.

State and local officials are working to find out if there’s an arsonist in town responsible.

“They’re all in the same general area of town,” Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley said. “It happened on the same night about the same time.”

Stacey Antonino had to replace the blue trash bin outside her home. While she was sleeping, hers was set on fire and reduced to a pile of ash.

“I was wondering why the trucks were going by and not picking my garbage up,” she said. “I thought my son didn’t take the trash out. Come to find out it was disintegrated in the ground.”

Investigators have collected evidence to figure out how the fires were set.

“We’ll be able to look at them and see which were burned first and which ones longer. That will give us an idea of the route they took,” Bradley said.

No one was hurt and authorities say they want to put an end to it before anyone is.

“Keep playing with fire and somebody is going to get burned,” Bradley said.

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