Tonight’s setup seems familiar. In fact, you don’t have to look to far back to see a situation like we have tonight.

Try Tuesday.

Milder air bumping up against cold. Marginal temperatures, slowly warming mid-levels of the atmosphere…again spells some mix tonight:

Fret not, this isn’t a big deal if you live in that swath of pink. A lot of it will be washed away with rain late night. Trickier travel can be expected in the shadings of blue, but even here, the temps will slowly warm through the night, switching us over to rain.

Saturday’s not entirely washed out, but it’s not a walk in the park either. First part of the day is damp with a few scattered showers, second half (esp. evening) is steady rain with chilly temps.

Make-good day is Sunday with a bunch of sun…and a stiff wind. High pressure moves in from the north and drives down the chilly air once again. This the same game player in the forecast later next week.

As this high feeds massive amounts of air into the Mid-Atlantic, it will eventually stir up a storm by Tuesday. Right now, the temperatures seem too warm for anything but rain, but as the storm departs on Wednesday, it may tap some colder air. This may send us back to snow, but how much moisture will be left? This is key to any “backside accumulations”…and better answered in later forecast.

Have a good weekend.


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