Bernie Sanders calls Trump a ‘fraud,’ says Democrats are out of touch

BOSTON (WHDH) - While speaking at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Dorchester Friday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders hurled criticism at both Democrats and President Trump.

Sanders called Trump a “fraud” and said the Democratic Party is out of touch. He wouldn’t say if he’s planning to run for president in 2020.

“Ted Kennedy thought big. You have got to think big,” Sanders told those gathered to listen to him speak.

Sanders stood in the replica of the U.S. Senate and delivered what sounded like a fiery campaign speech. He took on President Trump and accused him of lying to the American people.

“Donald Trump is a fraud. He’s a fraud,” Sanders said. “The day after you get elected, you turn your backs on them. That is being a fraud.”

Perhaps more surprising was how Sanders also took on Democrats.

A year after seeking the party’s presidential nomination, he called Democrats out of touch with the working people.

“In my view, Trump did not win the presidency. The Democratic Party lost the presidency,” Sanders said.

Sanders says Democrats need what he calls a “fundamental restructuring” of the party, both in what it believes and how it operates.

During the 2016 primary, Sanders was highly critical of the Democratic Party, which he says favored Hillary Clinton. He later threw his support behind her as the nominee.

Sanders wouldn’t comment when asked about whether or not Sen. Elizabeth warren could have beat President Trump in 2016.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure she’s re-elected to the United States Senate,” Sanders instead said.

Sanders also refused to say whether or not he’s running again for president. Instead, he deflected to the media liking political gossip.

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