WILMINGTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A bear that has caught the attention of several towns in eastern Mass. does not pose a public safety threat but should still be given plenty of space, according to authorities.

What is believed to be the same black bear has been making its way through Lowell, Billerica, Tewksbury, Woburn and Wilmington over the past week.

Sightings have ranged from the bear being spotted in a parking lot in Woburn to following train tracks in Wilmington.

“My daughter actually sent me a picture and said that there was a bear in the Dadant Drive area,” said Phil Enos, who saw the bear in his backyard at one point. “You know I have a pool out back. I figured he’d be swimming in my pool.”

While having a bear in the area is unusual, black bear biologist Dave Wattles said there is no public safety threat and that the bear is likely a young male looking to establish new territory.

“If you do see it in your yard or your neighborhood, give it space,” Wattles said. “Don’t try to get closer to take a photo or do anything that can end up pushing the animal further into development, across roads.”

Experts advise residents to remove any food sources from around the outside of your home.

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