BOSTON (WHDH) - A Boston-based start-up is building a drone that’s size and shape could revolutionize safety and security.

Cleo Robotics is calling their newest creation the “Dronut.”

“What we’ve built is a platform. it’s a better platform than existing drones which are quadcopters that are very, that could be very dangerous and very intimidating,” the company’s CEO and Founder Omar Eleryan said.

He came up with the ide while working for the oil and gas industry.

“I was exposed to how confined spaces are inspected — where people have to go into very dangerous, hazardous environments, basically to look around and take pictures — and we thought, there must be a better way,” he said. “Instead of sending people in to take pictures why not send a robot of some sort.”

The problem with this line of thinking was that there just was no commercial drone small enough to fit in or navigate through those tight spaces on the market.

So, the team at Cleo Robotics got to work and designed a new, sleeker drone that resembles a donut.

“The propellers are fully enclosed that creates a lot of challenges — lot of technical challenges in terms of flight and performance and capability,” Eleryan said.

Now, the “Dronut” is being marketed exclusively to first responders and the military.

Eleryan said their drone can take photographs and video of an environment before rescuers or soldiers crawl into potentially dangerous situations.

“That’s all information that’s very critical, actually life-saving information, in those environments,” he said.

Cleo said they hope to make their creation available to the general public soon. They are working on making it quieter and improving its flight time.

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