She’s the definition of "Boston Strong."

Rebekah Gregory lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. 

Now, she is facing a new fight. 

Gregory gave birth to a girl on Monday, but little Ryleigh was several months pre-mature. 

Days after announcing she was pregnant, the Texas woman shared an Instagram that the baby had arrived months too early.     

"Friday afternoon I went to the hospital for back pain (ending up in preterm labor) and not only almost lost our baby, but came too close to loosing my own life as well," she said. 

This is not the first time Gregory has had to muster the strength to keep going.

When the first bomb went off at the Marathon in 2013, she was badly hurt. 

"All of my bones were completely exposed and sticking out and blood was rushing down my arm.  That was the moment I thought I was gonna die," she said. 

She endured more than 30 surgeries on her left leg before deciding to amputate it. 

Then, on her prosthetic leg, she courageously choose to testify in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial. 

"I kept looking at him hoping I could catch his eyes one time and he would not look at me, not once. He’s just a coward," she said. 

She later wrote a scathing public letter to him. 

Last year, she ran a portion of the Boston Marathon, reminding everyone that you can move on. 

"There is life after bad things," she said. 

Now, she’s asking for prayers during this latest challenge. 

"Having been shown the hearts and souls of millions across the world in the last 3 years I can only humbly ask for the same thing for our sweet Ryleigh," she said. 

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