BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston police are on high alert after learning someone may be tampering with the personal cars of officers.

The latest incident happened Wednesday night.

“We gotta find out who’s doing it,” Mayor Marty Walsh said. “That’s a dangerous thing to do.”

Mayor Walsh called the possible tampering of police officer’s personal cars troubling.

“We don’t want to start patrolling the lots but we will if this keeps up,” Walsh said.

There have been three separate incidents within the last month, where officers found the lug nuts of the tires on their own personal cars were missing or loose.

In the first report on July 15, a Boston police officer who works out of district A-1 downtown, was driving home in his personal car when the left rear wheel nearly fell off.  He told investigators he usually parks his car in the rear of the station.

A second incident occurred August 4, when a transit police officer’s rear tire fell off as he was driving home from the gang unit in Roxbury. He said before it happened he was parked in the police parking lot.

Wednesday night, another incident occurred, this time in East Boston.

A female officer was leaving the police station in her own car and had difficulty steering. She inspected the car when she got home, and found the right front wheel was missing two lug nuts and a third was loosened.

“It’s a dangerous situation, you don’t’ do that,” Walsh said. “You’re putting the officer in harm and the other people in harm as well.”

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