They–whoever they are–always say Boston's twin passions are sports and politics.

But right now they are wrong, because the Blues and Reds of politics are no match for the Red Sox.

It was almost two days ago that Shane Victorino slammed the Sox into the World Series and I'll bet you remember exactly where you were when he hit it.

Now compare that to the government's big game–the shutdown.

I'll bet you don't remember where you were when it ended very late one night last week: "The motion is approved."

And please don't even try to compare the Red Sox with the mayor's race in Boston.

Really–which interests you more? Going to vote? Or going to Game One in Fenway Park?

Marty Walsh and John Connolly shaking hands or Jacoby Ellsbury stealing a base? Connolly and Walsh celebrating the victories that got them into the final or the Red Sox celebrating the victory that got them into the World Series?

But it's not just policies, it's personalities.

For example, who do you think has their team going in the right direction? Red Sox Manager John Farrell or President Obama?

Who's a stronger leader? Dustin Pedroia or John Boehner? Who would you rather have a beer with? Big Papi or Harry Reid?

Do we really have to count the votes?

Fortunately–for them–Walsh and Connolly both know what the results would be, so neither will be knocking on doors or calling you during the World Series games.

Smart move, because it's likely no one would open the door or answer the phone.




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