Boy’s lemonade stand is an inspiration

 A little boy’s lemonade stand in Minnesota struck gold for a good cause.
Six-year-old Parker Borden did not charge customers for his lemonade but did accept donations. Parker never intended to make a profit and is giving all proceeds to charity. 
"I’m raising money for Feed My Starving Children, because I want kids to have more food to live longer."
After volunteering for Feed My Starving Children with his family, Parker wanted to do more and said, "I figured it out by myself."
His goal was $160 to feed two children for a year.
Parker’s business strategy got him to his goal more quickly than expected, "Free lemonade. If you feel like, you can put the money right here for Free My Starving Children!"
His effort were so compelling and he has been so successful that he has set a new goal of one-thousand dollars.
Parker said the secret is his lemonade, Country Time, but his father Jamie Borden said, "I think more the reason for the traffic today and yesterday is his heart and what he’s doing."