Broadcasters, restaurants, politicians show support for health care workers

BOSTON (WHDH) - Massachusetts residents are showing support for health care and other workers with music, food, and applause as hospitals deal with an increasing number of patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

WROL 950 AM broadcast its Irish Hit Parade program outside Brigham and Women’s Hospital Saturday to give medical workers some uplifting music.

“We’re broadcasting live, trying to get out and support some of our front line troops, the men and women in our hospitals, in the trenches,” said DJ Bill Bailey.

Across town, Johnny’s Takeaway delivered roast beef meals to Mass General, and hundreds of pizzas from Nicole’s Pizza soon followed. The pizzas were the result of a competition between law firms across the country, said Larry Nussbaum of Nussbaum Law Group.

“Yesterday there was 200 pizzas delivered from our firm in Boston to the hospitals in Arkansas,” Nussbaum said. “And I believe today as we speak there are 777 pizzas being delivered to local Boston hospitals courtesy of Anthony Johnson of the Linville Johnson Law Group in Little Rock, Arkansas.”

In Cambridge, State Rep. Marjorie Decker joined with residents to clap for those working during the pandemic.

“We’re saying thank you, thank you to our grocery store workers, our cashiers, our nurses, our doctors, all of our staff who make it possible for people to go to the hospital and check in to the hospital, make it possible to eat, our truck drivers,” Decker said.

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