Dawned on me this afternoon that October is running WAY below normal in Boston. 

Hmmm…has it felt that way? From my perspective, I’ll say not really. But the numbers to the right don’t lie. A solid 4+ degrees below normal from the 1st to the 6th. 

Yes, our cool trend was put on hiatus for a day with highs soaring to the low 70s today, and yes, we’re only 7 days into the month, so there’s plenty of time to erase that chilly start.

In fact, I see more warmth than cool weather in the coming days.

With the exception of tomorrow, that is. 

Cooler weather returns for a day (and a half). The chill settling in tomorrow won’t turn a lot of heads, and will be somewhat upset by the dominating sun. Nonetheless, we should run a good 5-6 degree below normal – if you’re counting.

Few showers are moving towards New England as well. Swift-moving weather system delivers them with a warm front on Friday. Most of the wet weather will be in the afternoon, but we’re not talking a driving rain here. Temperatures recover after a chilly start into the mid 60s.

Weekend is looking stellar! Sunny both days with a warming trend taking over on Sunday and carrying to early next week.


Hasn’t happened but once or twice in the last 165 years: a hurricane moving from the Central Pacific to the Eastern Pacific. But Category 2 Hurricane Oho is doing just that. Expected to make landfall in British Columbia as a depression by the end of the week. Warm waters in the Pacific are the reason Oho is able to make that long journey.

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