Bus driver cited for erratic driving during field trip

EVERETT, MA (WHDH) - A bus driver was cited for driving erratically during a field trip for an Everett school, frightening children and leaving parents concerned.

The kindergarten class from Madeline English School was in Sterling for their field trip at Davis Farms. But mother Bobbi Hergarty said the ride there was terrifying.

“We were not happy at all with the bus ride,” said Hergarty. “The guy hit a curb on the way out, he was driving really fast through the city and really slow on the highway.”

Hergarty said the bus driver also kept swerving in and out of lanes. Another parent said her son cried because he was so scared.

State Police were called once the class arrived in Sterling and at Davis Farms, the bus driver was cited for a marked lanes violation. The bus company, Eastern Bus, agreed to send another driver for the ride home. The driver who was cited is now suspended while Eastern Bus investigates.

Everett Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said the school’s PTO paid for the trip. He has advised the PTO to not use this bus company again.

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