A California man has now won the lottery twice, and just moments apart.

Rodney Meadows stopped in to pick up some thirty-dollar scratchers while running errands.

Since Meadows’ big wins, customers at a Modesto mini mart on Coffee Road are buying up scratchers like never before.

"I play every day," said Joseph Trancoso, a friend of Meadows. "It couldn’t have happened to a better guy."

Lakhvir Singh, the manager of Fast Mart, said he sold the tickets to Meadows last week. 

"It’s amazing. Unbelievable," Singh said. " He went outside to scratch it, came in, and I was like ‘he won big.’"

Meadows won one thousand dollars on the first try and decided to play again.

"Someone came in and bought three so he bought the last three and the third one that was the 10 million. I can’t even believe what a 10 million looks like," Trancoso said.

The store said Meadows was in such disbelief that he had the managers, including Singh, check the ticket twice.

"We scanned here and it was like ten zero zero zero," Singh said.

The store has a reputation for selling lucky tickets. Last month, a 25 thousand dollar scratcher was sold; last year, a 30 thousand dollar ticket.

Elfred Mitzenheimer, last year’s 1.5 million dollar Powerball winner, won at another location down the road.
"I am last years Powerball winner at the Stop & Save on Coffee road in Modesto," Mitzenheimer said. "You can only spend so much money, you can only live in one house and you can only drive one car, but I’m going to live and drive like I want to."

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