Cambridge firefighters reunite resident with rescued cats

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - In a miraculous moment, Christina Jeffrey was reunited with both of  her 10-year-old cats; Mac and Cheese.

“It was like laughter and crying. It was like there is no way this is happening, I can’t believe these cats survived,” said Jeffrey.

One day after her home, and almost a dozen others, went up in flames in the massive Cambridge fire, Jeffrey and her mother went back.

Her mother was seen flagging down a firefighter, asking him to good inside and look in the closet.

“The firefighter was pretty doubtful and said ‘Yeah, I’ll go check but it is very dangerous and we may not be able to get in there,’” said Jeffrey.

Mac and Cheese were desperately waiting to be rescued in the closet.

The firefighter first brought out her yellow cat, Cheese, and had great news.

“When he got closer he said something to me like ‘The black one, he is in there and he’s alive too,’” said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey said she was first fearful for the people involved and the first responders, but once she discovered they were all OK, having her cats back is priceless.

“You can’t replace your family and next to that you can’t replace your pets,” she said.

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