An Oregon cat’s microwave obsession has gone viral on social media.

Bentley the cat became popular for his persistence to get into his owner’s microwave. His owner Brittany Schiesl says no matter what obstacles she puts in his way, the cat can’t keep his paws off the appliance.

Schiesl says Bentley has been obsessed with the microwave ever since she left pizza in it. He yanks it, physically moves it, and can into it within eight seconds without the child lock that Schiesl has since installed.

“His body language while doing it, it doesn’t seem like a cat,” Schiesl said.

Schiesl also had to put a lock on the kitchen cabinets, as Bentley uses all four legs to try to pry them open as well. She says the cat needs the child locks because he is simply “too smart for his own good.”

Because of his antics, Bentley now has a fan following with millions of views online.

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