Maggie Noelk, senior at Georgetown high goes above and beyond to make sure students feel included at school.

She’s going to walk in the prom’s grand march with her friend, Robert Langell who has an intellectual disability.

“Everyone said that its really nice of me, but I went to prom last year, I had fun, but senior year, I want to make someone else’s senior year better than mine,” said Maggie.

Both Maggie and Robert participate in field hockey, Maggie on the field, and Robert as team manager.

Maggie is captain of the team, and makes Robert feel included in that too.

“So the second Robert came out to the team, Maggie jumped right up. She’s a leader. So she made him feel a part. And then each time he smiles… they both had anti-bullying T-shirts on the other day, and we took a picture of them together,” said coach Tara Early.

At the start of the school year, Robert let his teacher know he’d like to go to prom, and when Maggie caught word of it, she didn’t hesitate. 

“I said, I’ll go with Robert, I like Robert and me and Robert are friends, so I’d love to go with Robert down the promenade,” said Maggie.


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