Class Act: Malden student’s act of kindness

MALDEN, Mass. (WHDH) — In this week’s Class Act, a student at Malden High School is being recognized for an act of kindness to a fellow student.

Gabriella Carli was warming up for softball tryouts in the school’s gym when she noticed another girl training inside for the crew team. Gabriella’s friends told her the girl was running in the gym because she did not have sneakers to run to the boathouse. Gabriella said she felt bad for the girl and while she did not know her name, she wanted to help.

That afternoon, Gabriella and her friend took the train to Boston and bought two pairs of sneakers from Primark. Gabriella bought different sizes to make sure they would fit the girl.

The next day, Gabriella gave the shoes to Shauna Campbell, the girl’s crew coach. Campbell said she did not understand why Gabriella was giving her sneakers at first but then she realized they were for the girl on her team. One of the pairs was the right size.

“It’s beautiful, just to have that love and compassion for others,” said Campbell. “I was so delighted that this experience happened. I was on cloud nine for the whole day.”

School officials said the girl on the crew team was very grateful for the sneakers. Gabriella said she was just doing what she felt was right.

“Because I think if you’re really passionate about a sport, I think you should be fully able to do it,” said Gabriella. “And we’re like a community here at Malden High and we should all help each other to be the best that we can be.”

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