It’s that time of year…less daylight, sunset around 4:30 – you know, solar winter. 

I’m talking about the three months that define the least amount of daylight, rapid heat loss in the Northern Hemisphere, and unfortunately for some, the onset of seasonal affective disorder. It runs from November 1st through the end of January and lags behind the "other" winter seasons.

But that’s not the subject matter of the day. We’re talking about crazy warmth for early November. A check of the record books shows that we can still make the mid and upper 70s this time of year, and certainly we’ll be challenging the big 7-0 mark in the coming days.

Starting tomorrow. With a front passing midweek, the temperatures may dip a bit, but I still think they remain above normal. Later in the week, we’ll make another run for 70…with a potential for mid 70s. Wow!

Times like these (quiet pattern with warmth dominating) are a treat for forecasters. Without anything to rattle the jet stream, weak weather systems are easier to time, and all day rains stay out of the picture. It’s with that idea that I have high confidence in what unfolds in the coming days.

Enjoy that hot sun.


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