Colorful character: Taunton peacock prefers to roam the neighborhood

TAUNTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Taunton residents may have an uninvited and unexpected colorful character at their door. Her owners say she just likes to spend time with humans.

She lives on 15 acres of land with other animals but Jake the peacock cannot be contained. She frequently wanders around her East Taunton neighborhood and visits residents.

“She doesn’t care much for the other barn animals she would prefer to be with humans,” owner Sue Malloch-Taylor said. “She’s very nosey.”

Malloch-Taylor, adopted Jake and three of her siblings, but Jake was the only one to survive.

“I’d stick her in my shirt and I’d cook dinner or do paperwork she stayed in my shirt,” she explained. “So, we got close.”

The friendly bird is almost 2 years old and her owners say she is starting to wander farther and farther away from home.

“My next-door neighbor was having work done on his roof so she decided she was going to go up and investigate,” said Malloch-Taylor. “That’s where she was this morning, checking out the work crew.”

Her owner said she just wants people to be aware so Jake can stay safe.

“I can’t pen her, it wouldn’t be fair to pen her after two years, and I’m afraid someone might see her and not know she has humans and we may lose her,” Malloch-Taylor said.

She said anyone who sees Jake should give her a call, message her on Facebook or just wait for dusk and Jake will walk home on her own.



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