JERSEY CITY, N.J. (WHDH) — One comedian gave commuters quite the laugh as he paddle boarded across the Hudson River to get to a meeting on time.

Scott Halt looked to save a few bucks Wednesday when he decided to paddle board from New Jersey to New York.

“I was late for my meeting and I don’t like to be on other people’s time, so I chucked the board in there and figured I’d take it for a free ride,” he said.

Halt didn’t put much thought into paddle boarding the Hudson River.

“I wasn’t nervous about falling in,” he said. “I thought I would make it.”

His biggest complaint during the ride was that he was thirsty but only brought hot coffee with him.

When it came time to dock the paddle board, it didn’t go as planned.

“I was just bumping around and my momentum carried me over but the current started to pick up when I got closer to Manhattan,” he recalled. “I was just looking for any port to storm.”

Halt eventually found a closed down water taxi dock but was met with some unhappy officials.

“The police and the New York waterway people came up to me and they were not happy with me,” he said.

The police eventually let him go and made it to his meeting on time.

Holt did not paddle board back to New Jersey; instead, he took the ferry.

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