Commissioner Evans: “No sinister plot” in bodies found in water in Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston Police Commissioner William Evans is shutting down the rumors of a serial killer in Boston.

Despite a growing chorus of people questioning whether something more nefarious is at play regarding an increase in victims — specifically young men — disappearing in Boston and ending up dead in bodies of water in Boston, Evans says there’s no serial killer targeting the city.

During a radio interview on Boston Public Radio, a caller asked Evans about the large amount of deaths of young men being pulled from Boston waterways including the Charles River and the Muddy River.

“We have been addressing it,” Evans said, “especially downtown in some of the nightclubs, I know my detectives have been checking a lot of the licensed premises for overserving, I know we’ve gone into a lot of them and tried educated them about trying to check people’s safety upon leaving the place.”

“There’s no sinister plot out there,” Evans said. “There’s some bandit…the smiley face bandit or something, I’ve heard it,” he continued, addressing the rumors. “But…unfortunately when the tragedy is over, we’ve been able to watch video and we’ve watched these kids, basically almost from when the time when they left the club to the time when they went into the water.

“There’s no one out there killing these kids. It’s just a matter of…we’ve got to educate these kids, especially if they’re not from the city. They shouldn’t be taking shortcuts to the train station or leaving their friends.”

To hear more from Commissioner Evans’ discussion, check out the full interview here.

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