Concrete slab falls in Brookline, crushes car

A car was crushed in Brookline Tuesday morning when a concrete slab in an apartment building fell on top of it.

It happened on 1111 Beacon Street. 

According to the deputy chief and residents, they were doing construction to remove a pool from inside the building.

Residents say the construction had been going on for over a week. When they were trying to remove the last section of the pool, the concrete slab gave way and crashed down into a parking garage below.

One car was crushed by the slab.

There were no injuries reported, and all work on the building has stopped.

Crews are waiting on structural engineer to reassess the work going on, and to see if its safe to progress.

The fire department cleared the scene and the area is roped off.

The family whose car was crushed says they’re trying to figure out the best way to get around after losing their car. They said they’e really fortunate nobody was hurt.

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