CT Trooper reassigned after fatal shooting of carjacking suspect

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut State Police trooper has been placed on administrative assignment in connection with the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old carjacking suspect, the agency has announced.

The victim of the shooting Wednesday night was identified Thursday as Soulemane Murbarak, 19, of New Haven.

Murbarak tried to steal a cellphone and carjacked a vehicle in Norwalk on Wednesday afternoon, Norwalk police said.

Norwalk police chased the vehicle but broke off pursuit.

The car was spotted on Interstate 95 north driving recklessly and speeding along the median and breakdown lane and state troopers started to follow, police said.

The vehicle struck two state police cruisers on the highway and a civilian’s vehicle before it was boxed in when it left the interstate in West Haven, police said.

Police used a stun gun on the driver, but it was ineffective, and when the driver displayed a knife, one trooper opened fire. Murbarak was struck and taken to Yale New Haven Hospital where he as pronounced dead.

The trooper who opened fire was identified as Brian North. Two other troopers were at the scene but did not open fire.

The investigation is ongoing.

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