DA: Man charged in murder of father, son in Framingham

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - A man is being charged in the fatal shooting of a father and son in Framingham last week, allegedly sending bullets flying into a neighboring building where a 4-year-old and a teenager were sleeping, officials said.

Aneudy Delgado-Torres was charged with two counts of murder, possession of a large-capacity magazine, possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition after allegedly shooting Framingham residents James “Manny” Wade, 45, and James Wade, 24, on Second Street and Beaver Terrace last Friday, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian T. Ryan said.

Ryan said a parking lot in that area was known for drug transactions, and recently two sellers had vied for control of the spot. On Friday, the Wades went to meet people known to them at the parking lot around 11:30 p.m. and several people, including Delgado-Torres, were already there, Ryan said.

James Wade’s mother Yolanda Ellison said the two were at the apartment complex to visit family and friends. She says she doesn’t believe they knew the shooter.

“As a mom, I just want to roll up and crumble in a corner in a plastic bag,” Ellison said. “But I can’t, because I have to be there for my other two.”

Delgado-Torres started shooting at the Wades without any previous conversation, hitting them both, Ryan said. A bullet also went through the storm door of a neighboring building, also passing through an interior door before ricocheting off a stairway and lodging in the wall of a room where the child and teenager were sleeping, she said.

Manny’s sister, Gail Ritter, said the father and son were inseparable.

They say both had full-time jobs at universities in Boston, and neither were known to get into trouble.

“My nephew, he’s not a street thug. Just like you said, he worked hard. He’s scared of birds and butterflies,” Ritter said. “I’m baffled, I don’t understand.”

Delgado-Torres was arrested Tuesday at a Marlborough hotel and the relationship between Delgado-Torres and the Wades remains under investigation, Ryan said.

Ellison and Ritter said they are heartbroken, both for them and the shooter’s family.

“We all human, I can’t judge. But I feel sorry for his mother that she has to deal with it as we have to deal with it too,” Ritter said.

Delgado-Torres is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Framingham District Court.

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