An elementary student in Nebraska received an out-of-this-world gift at school on Thursday.

Gateway Elementary second grader Alvin Flores was born without a right arm.

But a group of students from the University of Central Florida helped to build him a bionic arm, and enlisted some characters from a galaxy far, far away to deliver his new shield.

By the look on Flores’ face, it’s safe to say he was shocked to see the Star Wars characters.

"I was like, what’s in the box?" Flores said.

In the box was his new bionic arm. Flores has lived his whole life without one.

When he put it on for the first time, his friends could hardly wait to see it.

Eventually, they all got up and met Darth Vader.

Flores then got to lead the characters on a special tour of the school.

Students lined the walls, all jockeying for a look at Alvin, his arm, and his new friends.

"I don’t have words to say, you know? How excited I am," Leticia Flores, Alvin’s mother, said.

"He knows that I love him the way that he is, and I always tell you, Papi,” Leticia said. “Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, you know that."

If nothing else, Alvin learned he can excite his entire school.

He fist bumped for the first time with his right hand, and one day he’s hoping to write with it.

For now, he just has to plan for the next few school days.

“I’m going to wear it tomorrow,” he said.

The UFC students used 3D printing technology to build the arm. It’s the 12th arm they’ve built in the last year. 

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