Dashcam video shows fiery rescue after NY pile-up

BINGHAMTON, NY (WHDH) — Dramatic dashcam video showed a pile-up on a New York highway and captured the brave actions of bystanders in the immediate aftermath.

The mayor of Binghamton released the video of the crash, which happened last week on Route 17.

The video shows the moment of impact as a truck barrels through cars. One of those cars burst into flames.

Bystanders jumped into action, helping to extinguish the flames and rescue the driver.

According to the mayor, no one was killed in the 10-car crash and the woman in the burning car only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Ten people were taken to the hospital.

Two of them suffered serious injuries.

According to police, the crash was caused by a tractor trailer with faulty brakes.

The driver of that truck was cited for operating an out-of-service vehicle.