It’s time.

Time to see if the storm will live up to expectations, time to watch the drama that is a blizzard unfold, and time to test the boundaries of the science of meteorology.

With all that is going on, we will do just that. A storm so deep, it sucks ozone from the top of the atmosphere. A storm so strong it rivals a hurricane. A storm possibly for the books. A storm that only comes around…

..every couple of years?

Yeah. For all its power, it looks to parallel the Blizzard of 2013, more commonly known as Nemo. There were pockets of 30+ inches of snow in that storm, and there will be in this. If you had power in that, you should fare alright in this. Coastal flooding was present in that storm and it’s likely to be a major factor in this – despite the fact that we’ve past the highest tides of the month and are now in the first quarter moon phase.

Now let’s talk money….

* Light snow has begun. It will intensify into the evening, forming a literal wall of snow that advances from the Cape to Southern NH.

* Snowfall rates from late tonight (1am ish) to 11am tomorrow will be 1-4″ per hour with thunder and lightning possible. This is where we get 70% of our accumulation. Roads will be impassable and travel has been banned.

* Snow will continue tomorrow and tomorrow night in pulses and pauses. Wind will howl from the northeast to near 50-70+ mph – strongest at the coast.

* Some mixing is possible on the Cape and esp. Nantucket as some milder air tries to sneak in.

* Sweet spot will be hard to pin down, but we suspect that points along I-95 (north and south of the city, not 128) will have the best chance of hitting 30″ inches. See Special Map for details.

* Final round of snow will be in the early morning hours of Wednesday. Blowing and drifting will continue through the morning hours.

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