Deer rescued on lake after falling through ice

Berks County, PA (CNN) —  Authorities risked their safety to help a helpless deer that fell through some ice on a lake.

Cameras captured the rescue of a deer from a frigid blue marsh lake in Berks County, PA over the weekend.

Officials say the Army Corps of Engineers and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission risked their safety to rescue the helpless animal that fell through a thin section of ice.

They put on their cold water rescue suits and got to work.

“Due to the thickness of the ice,” said Officer Steve Martin, “it became apparent that first of all the deer was extremely exhausted, was not going to be able to get out on its own.”

Officials say the rescuers had to use ice picks to clear a path for the deer to swim to shore.

Members of the Mount Pleasant Fire Company were also on scene.

“Once the deer was able to get its footing,” said Martin, “it ran off into the gamelands and seemed to be fine.”

Officals say while these situations are not unheard of, they aren’t very common.

Since this poor deer couldn’t help itself, these rescuers proved to be heroes.

For footage of the rescue, watch the video above.

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