Delivery drivers in Boston urged to handle less cash to minimize virus spread

BOSTON (WHDH) - Delivery drivers in Boston are being urged to handle less cash and deal with credit cards to minimize the spread of coronavirus in the city as a way to keep themselves safe.

Business owners are also being asked to encourage customers to meet delivery drivers outside of their homes or dwellings when orders are being placed over the phone to maintain social distancing.

The Boston Police Department released a set of safety tips for delivery drivers on Thursday due to an increase in calls being made for takeout from local restaurants and eateries.

“As a public safety reminder, the Boston Police Department is advising all delivery drivers to exercise caution while fulfilling these orders,” police said in a statement.

Business owners are also being asked to provide a call back number to their drivers to confirm the order to not only limit contact with the customer but to help reduce their chances of being robbed.

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