Deposition text: Cosby’s wife refused to answer many queries

A newly released transcript shows that Bill Cosby’s wife refused to answer dozens of questions during a combative February deposition.

According to a transcript of the deposition released Friday, Camille Cosby was subjected to intense questioning by a lawyer for seven women who claim the comedian branded them as liars after they accused him of sexually assaulting them decades ago.

The attorney asked Camille Cosby whether her husband “acted with a lack of integrity” during their 52-year marriage. He also asked if her husband used his position and power “to manipulate young women.”

Camille Cosby did not answer those questions after her lawyer cited marital privilege, the notion that communications between spouses are private.

Approximately 50 women have publicly accused Cosby of forcing unwanted sexual contact on them decades ago.

Cosby has denied the allegations.

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