Dighton family says family dog attacked by a coyote

DIGHTON, MA (WHDH) — A family in Dighton is in shock after they say a coyote went on the attack and dragged one of their dogs into the woods.

Nanine Enos says she heard a squeal and fears it’s the last sound she’ll ever hear from her Chihuahua.

She says a coyote attacked and carried away her 12-year-old dog, Gabby, on Saturday.

Enos was sitting on her deck that evening — her German Shepherd was tied up — and Gabby and her other dog, a Boston Terrier named Penelope, were loose outside the home.

That’s when she heard the squeal, and her two other dogs reacted.

Penelope managed to escape with just a few scratches. The family grabbed flashlights and led the German Shepherd loose.

They say they first laid eyes on the coyote as it ran away from the home. But as the Shepherd chased the animal up the road, there was no sign of Gabby.

It’s a heartbreaking end to an attack the family never saw coming.

“I work in a veterinary hospital,” Enos said. “I’m around pets all the time and all these years I hear stories of how this happens to people. Never, ever, thought it would happen to me.”



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