Divers swim through raw sewage after massive collection of ‘flushable’ wipes clog sewer pipes

(WHDH) — A team of divers that were forced to swim through raw sewage to uncover the cause of clogged sewer pipes in South Carolina found a massive collection of “flushable” baby wipes that had built up over the years.

Charleston Water says divers searched in complete darkness while wading through a 90-foot well before making the filthy discovery on Monday.

The wastewater utility shared photos of the dirty job on Twitter, asking residents to stop flushing bathroom wipes down the toilet, even those whose packaging says it’s OK.

“You should only flush #1, #2, and toilet paper,” a tweet said.

Divers took “a refreshing bleach bath” after the swim, according to the utility.

A baseball and a large piece of metal were also found lodged in with the wipes.