Driver charged after shocking video shows moment truck slammed into Chelsea home

CHELSEA, MASS. (WHDH) - A driver is facing charges after shocking surveillance video captured the moment a speeding pickup truck slammed into an occupied home in Chelsea early Monday morning and came to a rest on its side.

Juan Lopez, 44, of Chelsea, has been charged with reckless operation of a motor vehicle and driving without a license, among many other violations, law enforcement officials said.

Emergency crews responding to the crash on Clark Avenue around 6 a.m. helped remove Lopez, who had become trapped inside the crumpled pickup truck.

Lopez was taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Randi Millman, who lives in the house with her mother, says she was sleeping when the truck barreled into their dining room.

“It was a bang,” Millman recalled. “I didn’t even hear a screech, so I don’t think that there was any braking of the car involved because the only thing that woke me up was this massive thud.”

Millman and her mother did not suffer any injuries.

Lopez was speeding down George Street when he blew through an intersection and lost control of the truck, police allege.

Video showed Lopez’s truck cascading down the driveway between a pair of parked cars and barreling into the home before flipping on its side.

“I don’t understand how he kind of threaded the needle between taking out our bushes and that side of my apartment but not taking out my car,” Millman said. “It’s very strange.”

The crash left a gaping hole in the side of the home near the dining room and major structural damage.

Crews are working to repair the damage and sure up the structural integrity of the home.

The crash remains under investigation.

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