Elk agitated by flash photography charges at group of tourists in Colorado

ESTES PARK, Colo. (WHDH) — In a tough video to watch, a Bull Elk who was apparently agitated by flash photography was seen charging at a group of tourists in Colorado.

Visitors from Oklahoma, Karen Harrison, and her husband captured the attack from inside their SUV.

“I heard my wife say ‘he’s mad’ and she started recording,” he said.

One man leaped over a rock to get out of the way but one woman was hit with the elk’s antlers and pinned to the ground.

“You could hear people tell her ‘do not get up, do not get up,'” Harrison said.

Just as the elk backed off, an Estes Park Employee, Brian Berg, drove in with his pick up truck causing the elk to ram into the side of the truck.

“I’ve never had to do that before but I saw people were in trouble and I figured I could get there quick and I knew the best thing for me to do at that point in time was get the truck in between them,” Berg said.

He says people need to be aware of how fast elk can move.

“I wish people would give them at least a football field length away, especially the bull’s at this time of the year because they were only thinking about one thing and its not the safety of people,” Berg said,” Berg said.

Harrison and her husband say that Berg was a hero and saved someone’s life.

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