Factory co-workers to split $1 million lottery prize 42 ways

CRANSTON, R.I. (AP) — Persistence has paid off for a group of 42 factory workers who have been purchasing lottery tickets together since 1999.

One of the 55 tickets they purchased in Rhode Island for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing matched the five regular numbers, making it good for $1 million.

The workers from Taco Comfort Solutions in Fall River, Massachusetts, will split the prize 42 ways, meaning each will receive a lump sum payment of about $16,000 after taxes.

Bridget Turgeon, a spokeswoman for the group, tells the Providence Journal that two other co-workers often buy in but decided not to take part this week despite being urged to do so by the group’s organizer.

Turgeon says the organizer “almost fell over” when he checked the numbers and realized the group had won.

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