MENDON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Mendon family believes their dog was saved from being mauled by a coyote when the pooch’s electrical collar gave the attacker a shock.

The Byrne family said they’ve never seen a coyote in the decades they’ve spent living in Mendon, but a video recording from their surveillance cameras early Sunday morning shows one of the animals walking into their back yard — where the family’s two Shih Tzus were running around.

The dogs initially ran away, but then 3-year-old Brody charged the coyote, realizing too late her 13 pounds were no match for the wild animal. The coyote carried Brody off into the woods, but AJ Byrne said he thinks it didn’t get far.

“The coyote got the collar in its mouth. so it took her across the fence line, (and I) assume zapped the coyote, and dropped her,” Byrne said.

The family didn’t realize Brody had escaped until a neighbor called. They found her four hours later in the cold and with bite marks on her neck, but alive.

“When we found she was there we literally fell to the ground we were so relieved,” said Aidyn Byrne.

Brody has since been treated by a vet and will recover. And the Byrnes say their dogs will never go out without leashes again.

“You don’t realize how much you love a pet until it’s almost gone,” said AJ Byrne. “I didn’t realize that, but the impact it had … we didn’t want to face the day thinking that she was dead.”

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