Family: Sick dog that ran away in Mansfield on Fourth of July being held captive

MANSFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - A Mansfield family who is desperate to find their beloved dog that ran off during fireworks on the Fourth of July is turning to the public for help tracking down the animal, which is need of immediate medical care.

Lori Burns told 7NEWS that Shelby, a Keeshond, got spooked by loud fireworks and bolted from their home on Smith Street.

Burns says Shelby, who has not been seen since the holiday, is very ill and needs to be given her medication.

“She had pancreatitis, she had liver failure, she had gallbladder failure,” Burns said. “She was in the hospital for about two weeks.”

Five days later, after plastering missing posters all over town, Burns says she received a phone call from a woman on an unknown number.

“She just was very quiet and said I have your dog, I just wanted you to know she’s safe, stop trying to find her,” Burns explained.

Burns wanted to pick Shelby up but says the woman was essentially holding her pet captive.

“She was like no, you lost. I found and I’m keeping,” Burns said.

Burns notified the police and officers responded to her home and fielded a second call from the unknown number but the woman abruptly hung up.

“The first step is to identify whether it’s a hoax call,” Mansfield Police Chief Ronald Sellon said.

Sellon added his department has had no luck in tracking down the caller.

Burns says her family fears Shelby’s health could worsen quickly.

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